Monday, 21 May 2012

Coliseum Decay: A Poet's Defense of Blue Football

Context: 2012 Champions League Final

Built majestically with spirit of intent and around a core of channeled creativity; the football display available for viewing on a weekly basis -- often more frequently -- in the town of Catalunya has received as high and loud and sincere and pervasive praise as merit could be due; beyond all bounds of objectivity and decency.

Intricate, overwhelming, breathtaking, understated, special and boundary-pushing: purpose of use pursues meaning to fullest contemporary relevance and significance. No longer cliché, just classic.

Beauty is a term without standard battered with continuous attempts of uniformity in application. A term often associated with Barca’s prescribed playing brand with emphasis on ball possession. A concept inherently etched into the playing gene of Catalan representatives - an unnatural desire to protect the sphere.

Attack and defense are but thematic schemes engaged and activated by operating entities in the broader paradigm supporting their existence: football. Each theme is a definite partial representation of an overall balance. Nonetheless, there is no ground to breach the sanctity of sustained and innovative growth with conclusive attribution of value and meaning to each half. However, for sake of debate; submission to generally accepted perceptions is necessary.

Attacking: progression with intent on scoring

Defending: preventing concession

Masses have proclaimed the correlation between beauty and attacking to be true and real. It is implied with strength beyond faith; the underlying objective of a match is goal creation - even before victory. In fullness of constitution, beauty and footballing play interlock where senses and experience meet precisely and greatly: in excellent fashion. Sparks with electrical intensity emancipate from combination to independent matter roaming free - for however long - together with perspective(s) in moment. And indiscriminately so.

All in life, and football, is neutral before the intervention of thought as was theorized by Shakespeare. Neutrality describes situations that do not impede on the nature and order of the environment and participants within internally and extrinsically established doctrines. No addition, no subtraction; simply numbers. Football is an abstract masterpiece open to interpretations that remain solely so. Elements drive organizational identity for forefront reach and focal point presence. Appease with endothermic touch: forget the cold entirely and bear warmest exclamations (survive within hottest affection).

Corrode the irons composing tradition’s grasp. Feed liberation and entice exploration with sights and visions evoked with - in its mightiest charm - intentional eye for evolution; in change and progression. No foundational support lasts. No matters can be sustained within. All fabric evaporates. Completely extinguished, suffocated and exterminated: watch folks, there goes the Pep in its step.

In close -- purpose does not age but must be found and in other circumstances identified.

The soul is the hardest; entirely difficult and true. What starts as rock to metamorphose into pun embellishes in debris and surroundings to become mass and not weight; the rolling down a snow hill experience. 

Quests for identity and victory should be perfectly perpendicular. A merging of visions. The winning way realization.