Monday, 23 May 2011

Vamos Past, Hala Future - Stand up Galacticos!

Another football affair come and gone faster than  mid-summer snow. Retrospectively, there is much too much to remember; new coach, new wingmen, new trophy and new enemies. It is in deep solace and calmness that I offer unsuppressed praise and genuine thoughts of commendations to the Great Whites.
It began as do most football seasons in the Spanish capital; combustion of tension, speculation and jubilation, murmurs over confirmed buys and sales, managerial changes, pre-season rifts among coaching and technical staff. Though, one thing common and certain among all madridistas was a most confidently wide smile of anticipatory joy.

Come to the end of the season and the same emotion and mood remains.  A German arrival in form of most admired Sahin prompts quick thoughts about spatial issues. The uncertainty of Kaka’s name among the Madrid line-up for reasons other than injury grows exponentially.
What lies ahead the rollercoaster that is Mourinho and Valdano’s relationship? Is Diarra part of Perez’s long-term picture? Is Adebayor to be sent back to England right into the waiting hands of treacherous Manchester City? What of Higuain? And Benzema?

As contentious whispers are fed greater by dubious creditors and begin to ripen: it is harvest season for gossip magazines all over the football world of Madrid.

Enough with idle issues: I highlight a supple 1-2 play between Marcelo and Di Maria leading to a luscious cross from the left foot of the Argentinean man met boldly and strongly by Mr. Pichichi himself for what was magic; electrical moment to revive a fallen heart.

That was los Merengues 2010-2011!

Despite, my assessment remains bare and little stretched (as of May 23 2011):
                      Madrid    Barca
Trophies                1        1
Goals(la liga)      102       95

Bravo! A sense of a turning tide…

My conclusion, this: a beast of will and belief has risen within the gates of Madridismo futbol, no more aches from mention of the blue and red stripes to the far east but rather great relish.

I want battle - and wage war upon you Catalonian critics -, I- no, WE seek to prove as well I imagine with many other admirers of our cherished passion that football derives its beauty intrinsically from  its conceptual make up significantly complemented by the feeling of championship; the victorious emotion.

So I beg you Red Devils to inflict upon our self-righteous brother just enough (I mean win it!) pain that he should feel the need to come back next year in full strength. 

Lest hope solely that faith's hand not be twisted beyond none by Ouepha! UEFA, you stay out of it as well!