Saturday, 3 November 2012

House of Thoughts: Two Lights

Thougths on Interpretative Viewing

Statistics: active participation or keen observation of the game furthers the understanding of the irrelevance and marginal significance of numbers. They are raw and innately objective but by no measure of imagination representative of an even environment. They derive their value from true actions -- acts that deserve attention and examination.

True actions: moments and instances -- tangible expressions -- that generate source(s) (complete) of observations and interpretations. Beyond “collectives” – (dribbles, shots, passes), these are single isolated incidents that comprise the greater attribute or event: hardly definable but clearly evidential. True actions are perpetual, virtual considerations of our senses (nearly subconsciously). A true action involves body positioning, mental decisiveness, circumstance appreciation, physical movement and real-time awareness in one solidly combined situation at a particularly (cosmically; within an experience context) specific individual point in History.

Events: basis of argument for current intelligence and inspirations for contemporary emotions. Events are compilations of progressive true actions; a sequential consolidation of activities/tasks. Timing and work (planning and execution) comprise the essential characteristics of events. Technology facilitates the cultivation and analysis (or rather deeper/prolonged observation) of performance [actionable factors] elements. There is a clear disregard for attitude/personality (and its presentation) that must be established – it is an undeniable contribution to merit but not excellence or due(s).

Side note: an event remains its definition regardless of achieved goal/success. A goal and a shot are equally classified as events.

Refined (Pointed) Statistical Achievements

Messi: first player to score five goals in a Champions League match appearance.

This feat is special for the extraordinary unlikeliness of the performance. It is widely unexpected that a footballer can manage five successful shooting events in one playing period. However, it is not  greatly surprising that Messi should achieve such a feat. Particularly against a weak Bayer Leverkusen; quality/talent are not translation agents of a team's skill architecture. This suggests there is no guarantee of staying power in all actualities. There exists a counter-mechanism for every force a team possesses. On the night, Bayer Leverkusen failed to show spirit in either attack or defense - there was an extreme failure to push towards victory. The team painted a picture of severe deflation. No passion/determination allowed a Messi (who was not spectacular - or randomly so) to attain a new height. A height that didn't pose any exceedingly difficult challenges to reach.

Ronaldo: first player to complete a Champions League match appearance with perfect passing accuracy.

This feat is special not for the extraordinary unlikeliness of the performance. It is plausibly expected that a footballer can manage 100% successful passing events in one playing period - an expectation rooted a distance from historically-based prediction. However, it is wholly outside of contemplation that Cristiano Ronaldo could achieve this feat - for a sole reason, no adventure ends without scrapes. A majority of events involving Ronaldo are "wild"(uncontested territory, new, strange, abnormal, risky) and display an absence of caution. It is to reason to believe that he could not achieve such a record. Even more so against Manchester City - Champions. Whilst Real Madrid were in an ultimate zone during the match - immersed in a feeling of invincibility and superiority, Ronaldo's events were an illustration of impeccable (untainted) finesse. A momentous performance capped with a virtuoso "situational element." The goal was testament to his magnificence. It shined with a charm encapsulated in its difference and effectiveness(result).

Closing Remarks

It is impratical to categorize all these events (Ronaldo's passes and Messi's goals) in uniform evelopment. It is imperative to distinguish these events and mark the unique input(s) and output(s) which could only be optimally comprehended through visual study.

You cannot win a war that cannot be fought. But you can lose a battle you never entered. Player comparisons is financing for fanatic souls. An eternal debate.